Monday, May 11, 2009

Dream of happy things
Of butterflies with golden wings
Of great blue skies
And lullabies
And things
Dreams of someone you love dear
Dreams of standing way up here
Dreams of flying with the birds
Dreams of no more hateful words
Dreams of hearts that want to give
Dreams of a love that will always live
That is what I want to give
To you
Hold me now
Don't let me go
You know I can't let
These feelings show
Some day soon
I know we'll be
Together in harmony
But until then
What can we do?
For I am still
Apart from you
All I have
Is all I know
I can find you
Wherever I go
For if I just close my eyes
I will see you
Standing there next to me
So dream a dream
of me
Together we can swim the sea
Everything will be
As WE want it to be
As long as
We dream
Now that you
Have heard my Song
Now that this
Lullaby is sung
Close your eyes
And dream

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