Monday, May 11, 2009

Dream of happy things
Of butterflies with golden wings
Of great blue skies
And lullabies
And things
Dreams of someone you love dear
Dreams of standing way up here
Dreams of flying with the birds
Dreams of no more hateful words
Dreams of hearts that want to give
Dreams of a love that will always live
That is what I want to give
To you
Hold me now
Don't let me go
You know I can't let
These feelings show
Some day soon
I know we'll be
Together in harmony
But until then
What can we do?
For I am still
Apart from you
All I have
Is all I know
I can find you
Wherever I go
For if I just close my eyes
I will see you
Standing there next to me
So dream a dream
of me
Together we can swim the sea
Everything will be
As WE want it to be
As long as
We dream
Now that you
Have heard my Song
Now that this
Lullaby is sung
Close your eyes
And dream

3-18-2004 (2)

The tide ebbs
and flows
Washing away the painful
Being sucked in
By the force of the moon
Fighting for freedom
But destined for doom


The brain holds its memories
The heart holds its scars
Time is an enemy
Casting you behind bars
Begging to be free
But feeling comfort in confinement
Knowing what you want
But trying to deny it
Running from the truth
Trusting in a lie
Holding onto something
That will never let you fly
Wishing to be great
But believing in your lies
When will you open your eyes
and soar
High above the skies


A hole
Yet not depthless
Yet not boundless
Yet not grown
For a touch
Hungry for love
Spilling down the steps
Cascading falls of pain
This wound
So ever beating
Is bleeding once again
Can’t they hear the whisper?
Of a soul so often lost
Climbing no more higher
Yet burning for the cost
Calling out a name
Withering with pain
Contorting at the thought
Of a soul so often bought
With promises of gain
Sorrow hovers upon me
Distracting all sane
This loneliness is fraught
With images of gore
Instilling so much
Of a lonely


Chalk full of emotions
I don't understand,
All of them fighting
For a place
At the front of my mind.
I wish to simply run away.
To leave responsibility behind
And curl into the years of my childhood,
A childhood that was not long enough.
Always the adult,
I can't seem to recall
A single moment
When I was a
Images of the past haunt me.
Blurred ideas
Of the future
Tease my senses
Until I feel as if I will
As if I will simply
Fall to my knees,
Screaming out
My agony,
Only to have my pain
Fall upon deaf ears,
Blind eyes.
Numb to the touch,
Yet alive to emotion.
My body in a constant
Upon itself,
Fighting feeling
With reason,
And logic
With fantasy.

Dark Days

So many signs
Pointing different ways
Chuckling with laughter
At my confusion hereafter
As a silent shadow lingers
Tiny curled up fingers
Play across the window
With mindless innuendo
On a dark
And purple day.

Songs soar across the sky
With the swiftness of a fly
Burning through the haze
Trapped inside this maze
On a dark
And purple day.

Screaming now with yearning
My skin so slowly burning
With a hunger that is turning
The night now into day
Drifting in a pleasance
Coated with an essence
On a dark
And purple day.


Passionate fires burn through the night
The heart aches once more
Yearning for fulfillment,
That will never come.
Silent tears of torment
Weave silken lines,
Spinning watery webs,
Of longing.
Tiny debris of dreams
Too many times forgotten,
Crumble in the wind
Of bitter disappointment.

Death Of a Voice

Death of a Voice

Stop talking to me

No! I said stop

Yes, yes I hear your words

But I wish them gone!




Far from me!

Speak no more!

Your ceaseless babblings annoy me

Must you speak such words?

Must you continue

With your awful jabber?

Must you persist?

All day, all night

You ramble on.

Sleep is an illusion

I have long since




Constantly speaking!

Throbbing with the pressure of your force,

Yet I cannot force you out!

Be off with you!

End your endless chatter!

Is there nothing I can do?

Agree with you?

I think not!

I will smote you,


I will smite you

Again and again

Never will you speak again

In that annoying

Little voice

Die and be gone!

Die and leave me


In this hollow space

Good-bye to you,

You awful retch

Go be somebody else’s