Monday, May 11, 2009


Chalk full of emotions
I don't understand,
All of them fighting
For a place
At the front of my mind.
I wish to simply run away.
To leave responsibility behind
And curl into the years of my childhood,
A childhood that was not long enough.
Always the adult,
I can't seem to recall
A single moment
When I was a
Images of the past haunt me.
Blurred ideas
Of the future
Tease my senses
Until I feel as if I will
As if I will simply
Fall to my knees,
Screaming out
My agony,
Only to have my pain
Fall upon deaf ears,
Blind eyes.
Numb to the touch,
Yet alive to emotion.
My body in a constant
Upon itself,
Fighting feeling
With reason,
And logic
With fantasy.

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