Wednesday, September 02, 2009


A dark tide looms. Creeping, sneaking, inching ever closer. Shadowy tendrils of dread forever seeking. Reaching to the heart of me.

Inspiration hovers, just beyond my grasp. So close, I can taste the sweetness of its yield.
Oh why, why do you tease me so, sweet muse? Why not grant me a taste, bittersweet though it may be. for a simple taste, I would do most anything. For a simple taste, I would battle the Gods.
Thunder on the mountain top. Lightening in the sea. Growth in the desert and sand in the valley. Things are not as the should be. Confused and muddled. Forever the Wanderer.
Why do you go? Why do you wander? For what are you searching?

Is the search worth the cost?
This constant yearning burns. A poison to the soul. Not quick acting. No, for we are not good enough for that. No, a slow burning poison. Bitter to the heart.

Ah, the heart. The bane of it all. Must you beat so quickly at a simple touch? Must you betray my every move? Your steady lub lub lub. The song of my world. Of his.

A heart. Tiny, yet beautiful. Fragile, yet strong. something so amazing, lost in the blink of an eye. I miss you. I mourn you, still. Why did you leave me? Why did you leave me here, lost and alone. I miss you. I never knew you. I knew you too well.

AH! The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Is anything original anymore?

My feelings are but carbon copies. Faded, torn and wasted. Falling to the floor.

Screaming to the deaf. Dancing for the blind. Burning for the painless. Erupting in a shower of color to the color blind.

I must pick of the pieces. Mind the stitching once more. The thread is fraying, but still I must go on. I must go on.

Moisture from my eyes. Such a strange sensation. Falling down, down, down. Where does it go? Where does anything go?

How is it that a few simple lines can change the world? But a single word can end it?

Shaking now. Emotions coming to the surface. Shoving them aside does nothing. they pour through my skin, flowing with an ethereal glow. Is it blood? Or life force? My soul?

Lying in the cold. Lying for the time. Lying, lying, lying. Transparent. The world can see right through me. Naked. Naked in a world of clothes. Why try to hide what every one can see? How can I hide in a sea of faces...Faces who look like me?

Startled by my own reflection, Good God could this be me? Is this person in the mirror really what every one else sees?

I know not what I say. I do not what I do. Sense is just a word lost in the hitherto. Strange sounds erupting from my throat. A pain I thought was lost...lost...loss....Loss.....

My heart is slowing breaking. I feel it rending in two. How is it I'm still alive?? I never knew a person could live without a heart....

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