Sunday, September 27, 2009

9/27/09 Rando Retardedness

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Okay, you know you have issues when you're watching your husband play an animated game and your thoughts stray from:

"Wow, the graphics are amazing."


"Damn he looks some kinda hot in all that torn leather."

And then you start to think, there's just something about super heroes that really gets a girl going.

Well, if you're a gamer/comic/nerd girl like me.

What animated sexiness am I referring to, you ask?
none other than the amazing, infamous Batman. That's right ladies, the Dark Knight himself in all his animated, gravely voiced glory.
Don't believe me?
Check it out:

Am i crazy? Probably. Do I care? Not a bit.

There's just something about this animated character that gets my engine going.
So here's to you batman, and your sexy black leather.
I'll keep my bat signal on for you.

And play nice with Joker, he's pretty awesome too.

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