Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Feeling the Muse...

It's eight thirty in the morning..And I'm sitting here staring at this blinking courser wondering what to write. I've thought about journaling again for a while, and just never found the time.. But that seems to be my life lately. I "just never find the time" to write, or read, or clean, or go to the gym, or..anything.. So I got to thinking, what do I DO with all my time?

My life is so crazy right now, two kids and everything that goes with them. And I'm not sleeping again. Nicholas has been having some rough nights and so I haven't been getting to bed until late and then Maddie's been waking up in the middle of the night...

Let me tell you, not getting in bed until midnight, and then being woken up two or three times sure make six thirty come WAY too soon. I'm so tired all I want to do is sleep.

I have a feeling this post is going to be everywhere..So bare with me..Just read it as stream of consciousness and you'll be okay. ;)

I miss writing. I miss sitting down with a blank notebook and filling the pages with words. I miss watching the stories in my head come to life. I don't know why I'm not writing anymore. I still want to be a writer..Hell, I wish it was what I was going to school for. I wish every day I'd never started business classes. I don't CARE about them. I could care less if I pass or fail. If I could start over, I'd go for creative writing and fill my schedule with English and writing courses. *sigh* If, If, if...

Things aren't all bad, just rough. I know they'll level out, but it's the waiting that'll kill you. Nicholas is getting so big, and smart. He's just precious and his smile lights up my day. And luckily for us Maddie seems to really be enjoying school. Lets just hope we can build on that and she'll keep it through high school!

I plan on working on this blog more, and making at least a post a week. I can't promise what they'll be, but I'll be posting. One day it may be a long, journal-ish one like this, another a funny picture/video, a song, or a snippet of something I'm working on. So stay tuned too keep informed!

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