Monday, April 13, 2009

God's Window

God’s Window

Author J.E.D

Copyright 2007 by J.E.D as Common Law Literary Property.

God’s Window

A short story

Written by: J.E.D

God’s Window. That’s what my grandfather called it. That break in the clouds on an overcast day that allows a shaft of sunlight pour down on the world. He told me that few people were lucky enough to see into God’s Window, and that I was one of the lucky ones because on the day I was born, God looked out his window at me.

Smiling I remember his words. In two days I will be sixteen, and my grandfather will not be with me. Standing I straighten my shapeless black dress. Lifting the stiff, black velvet hat from its box, I place it on my ruthlessly tamed blond hair. My mother had yanked, tugged and beaten my hair into rebellious submission. It now lay down the length of my back in an elegant French braid. Lifting my head, I looked at my reflection. A somber young girl stood before me. I didn’t recognize her. Sad green eyes stared back at me. I closed them, my heart not wanting to see the sadness it felt.

I turned toward the door, taking slow steps, my new shoes shiny and painful. I extended my arm to open the door when my eyes fell upon her. Her name was Emmaleen. My grandfather had made her for me when I was five. Smiling I ran my finger down her smooth, worn cheek. I remembered sitting at his knee as he sanded down the wood, watching in childlike awe as he used tools unknown to shape my new friend. A tear slide down my cheek as I lifted her to my chest.

"Papa," The word caught in my throat, coming out in a harsh whisper. My knees buckled and I collapsed to the floor. Nothing would ever be the same. Childhood disillusionment had found me.

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